Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nintendo Presents Its New Console "Nintedo Swtich"

Nintendo NX has just introduced Switch, its new console that combines in one device the features of a desktop with a notebook. The Japanese company has presented this new machine through a video showing its peculiar operation.

The console, so far known by the codename of "NX" is formed by a screen that can be coupled two independent controls on each side if you want to play outdoors. It also offers the possibility of being placed in a base to play on TV and stay that way only controls, known officially as Joy-Con.

As the Eurogamer site was released this past summer, the console uses a small cartridges, called GameCards, which resemble those of the Nintendo 3DS as support.

It was unclear if the screen of Nintendo Switch will touch. In the video presentation you can see anyone touching the screen and the company has not yet said anything about it. Yes you can see, however, how versatile they are removable controls that allow both play without being connected, and become two separate controls for two players.
Although they have not revealed the technical specifications of Nintendo Switch, yes it is known that Swift will inside a graphics chip Nvidia, namely a Tegra processor that is specifically created for the console. According to the manufacturer, this chip, which is commonly used in mobile devices, include a "GPU based on the same architecture as the best GeForce graphics cards."
Another accessory that you can see in the video is a controller with a more conservative design. His appearance reminds the Wii U Pro controller and, it seems, will be sold separately.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cat Inmortalized on Statue

All cats remain in the memory of their owners, but few are remembered in the world; except for this cat, whom they tried to immortalize building his own statue in Istanbul, in a rather graceful pose.

It is called Tomba and became famous after someone published its funny picture on the net. Soon, the cat became an Internet legend, and so when he died in August this year in his memory came up with how to honor him, making this statue

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teenager abused in Argentina

A teenager, 16-year-old was drugged and sexually abused until her death and immediately their abusers were arrested. They moved the body of the victim, freshly washed and dressed, to a health room of Playa Serena, in the north of the city of Mar del Plata.

Authorities said the teen, identified as Lucia Perez, died following a "vagal reflex" after being penetrated by at least one of the defendants, who also raped her with his body, impaled.

After the attack, she was transferred to the health room Playa Serena at the lower of the defendants and accused perpetrator of the fact in an evaluation conducted by the other suspect, which is Retiro- truck, which was attended by doctors, not they managed to revive her.

However, the teenager was dead upon entering the place and although initially suspected he had suffered an overdose, an autopsy hours later confirmed that there had been a sexual abuse.

In my opinion, I think the abuse of women should be punished with the highest existing judicial sentences, since the male has a constant overvaluation and lack of respect for women.

Today is a very special day for them, and every day should be.

Without them we could not exist, without them, nothing.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Jenny Patrick's Custom Cars!

Jenny Patrick is a mechanician from Newman, Georgia. he has made with his own hands custom models from famous cars, such "The Mystery Machine" among others... Batmobile took 3 years!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Extreme Recycling in Guatemala

Somewhere in Guatemala, people practice recycling as a means of survival. Workers seek metals, jewelry, delving into real mountains of garbage, in order to get something they can sell and survive.

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