Saturday, May 5, 2012

SNES Revolution, Back to basics!

Ah, come on who does not like to see something like the above? This is a concept art with the idea of ​​reviving the Super Nintendo in all its glory, but with current additions to make it more practical, but not so much.

By "not much", I mean maintaining the appearance of the Super Nintendo classic Super Nintendo Revolution this, certainly for nostalgic reasons, as all the original SNES hardware probably fit in one of the Joystick.

Speaking of Joysticks, are not great? Identical to the classics, only wireless. As for games, figure refers to the ability to download from the page of nintendo, but hey, as the Wii, 3DS and in the future, Wii U, and access to eShop / Wii Store, it would be more let this SNES feasible to connect to the web?

Anyway, for fun we spent debating features a console that, unfortunately, will NEVER exist. It is simply a concept. Meanwhile, however, we will have longer settle emulators / hacked Wiis and SNES controls converted to USB.


  1. Shut up and take my money !!!

  2. you should definitely make this idea a reality, I just bought the retron 3 and I would also buy this in a heartbeat. as long as you don't use infrared for the wireless like the retron did....

    1. Except he can't Know why? It takes a lot of money to produce this, which I doubt he has, but also Nintendo would stop him once he tries. Derrrrr


    what about that?

  4. You guys always can play this classics by using an emulator :-)

  5. I play the classics by playing the classics. But this concept looks amazing.

  6. Simpesmente demais!!! Por que a Nintendo não cria isso e remasteriza todos os jogos em alta definição! Com certeza ela venderia mais do que o Play Station 3!


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